The Sundial Origin Story

Sundial was founded by Noah and Andrew, high school friends from White Fish Bay, Wisconsin. They followed separate paths in life but always stayed in touch. In 2020, Andrew’s doctor told him that he needed to change his lifestyle. He dutifully downloaded the MyFitnessPal app, only to find that it was confusing, difficult to use, and made life way harder than it needed to be. 

So he called up Noah, who had become one of the pre-eminent leaders in VisionAI, and said, “Ok, I’ve seen every sci-fi movie ever. Why can’t I point a camera at my plate and know how many calories are on it?” Noah lit up at the idea and said that it was possible. There were simply a few technical hurdles to overcome. 

They got to work. However, when they overcame those hurdles and started showing their idea to other people, they realized that the tool they’d created was more than a method to count calories; it was a new way to understand and unlock the visual information of the world. They really could turn every inanimate object smart. And so Sundial was born.

Today we’re focused on connecting apps to objects by making it fast and easy to train, manage, and deploy decentralized computer vision models from any platform.

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Andrew Adashek is CEO and co-founder of Sundial. An innovator at heart, Andrew pushes boundaries and makes strategic leaps to catapult transformational companies into the spotlight.

In the pursuit of his career, Andrew has followed his passion. He believes in doing things with his whole heart and zero regrets. He was the first full-time hire on Twitter’s Global Media Team, where he built digital integration experiences that transformed social media and television. Andrew is responsible for bringing to market the first-ever social media fan vote in partnership with NBC’s The Voice, where he was an original producer. He is also the Twitter architect behind the “Ellen Oscar Selfie,” which received 3.3 billion impressions in 24 hours, breaking all previous Twitter engagement records.

Andrew founded the Twitter TV team and ran it for three and a half years, at its peak generating $30M worth of earned media per month. Andrew ran Business Development and Strategic Partnership at NextVR (sold to Apple), where he forged commercial relationships with Qualcomm, Google, Facebook, and NetEase and live-streamed the first-ever international VR event in partnership with Softbank.

Most recently, as employee number one and VP of Operations, Andrew led Plume Health, the first and largest telemedicine platform for the trans community, through their $14M Series A.

Andrew takes pride in shaping the future with successful firsts and continually raising the bar in industries at the vanguard of technology and innovation. A student of history who speaks Cantonese, Andrew believes in a future where technology empowers its users to make better, data-driven decisions.

He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Phet, and their two children.

Andrew Adashek, CEO and Co-founder

Noah Rosenberg, CTO, and Co-founder

Noah Rosenberg is the CTO and co-founder of Sundial, creating and safeguarding the technological roadmap. A passionate technologist, Noah sees the possibilities locked in evolving technologies and moves to unleash them in ever-evolving ways. 

Noah’s career has focused on quickly ascertaining the edges of what’s possible and then extending those edges even farther. In his early career, he was instrumental in the creation of a number of landmark firsts in computer vision and rendering, including launching the first action camera with Kodak, the first real-time rendered, market-varied direct response Superbowl ad with Lenovo, the first mobile website with sound for Budweiser, all the way back to some of the first-ever websites in 1993.

In 2011, Noah created the first mobile, virtual, try-on integration for Warby Parker. As CEO of Pikazo, a #1 app in the App Store, Noah sparked the AI Art revolution and enabled the creation of millions of works of art, which continue to power the creation of NFT art today.

Noah has also had a strong career in senior build roles. He was a founding team member of Invisibly with Jim McKelvey (founder of Square), where he created an industry-defining data marketplace for media. Noah then built and ran the Digital Product Growth offering for World Wide Technology Digital. Most recently, Noah served as the Senior Director of Consumer Product for Ascension, the largest non-profit healthcare system.

Noah brings a love of figuring things out to his work and strives to inspire others to witness and wonder at the beauty and strangeness of the world. An endless tinkerer, Noah has yet to meet a speaker kit he doesn’t want to build and loves forging a path into new technologies early helping to build the tools that will help transform the world.

Noah lives in St. Louis with his wife, AJ, and their children.

Lannie Rosenfield, Head of Operations

Lannie Rosenfield is Head of Operations at Sundial. A creative with business experience, Lannie is laser-focused on driving organizational success.

Lannie’s career has been defined by a desire to make an impact at the intersection of community and cutting-edge technology. When social media was still fighting for attention, she grew the social media team at Dick Clark Productions from four to twenty-five and partnered with strategic leaders in social media to launch the first ever Snapchat branded story, and the first on-air Twitter amplify campaign . 

Lannie then led TV Cable & Production Partnerships at Twitter, where she landed on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. Challenging herself further, she then went on to get an MBA from Stanford GSB. While there, she kept her creative spark intact by writing and executive producing “Blastaway: A GSB Blunder Down Under,” the 2019 Stanford Business School musical, all while trying her hand at her own jewelry startup, The Storm.

Post-graduation, Lannie tackled operations at Plume Health, the first and largest telemedicine platform for the trans community, as they moved through their $14M Series A. 

Lannie is a builder of companies, experiences, and communities. She’s a bit of an idealist who sees the potential in the early days of a technology and dreams up new ways to use it, whether it’s social media, telehealth, or VisionAI. 

Lannie lives in Manhattan with her partner, Katie, and, one bright and shining day, a Sheepadoodle puppy.

Sundial's Leadership Team

Sundial's Leadership Team