Know it
when you see it
Turn any object into software.
Sundial's drop-in VisionAI makes creating next-gen AR experiences simple.
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Every object is smart, already containing valuable data locked inside and out

It used to take 6 months of expensive discovery and drudgery to teach an app to see  just one new object

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Sundial makes it easy to build Web3 apps that turn real-world objects into software

When connected to the internet, Sundial embedded objects can monitor and react to real-world data and events in the physical world. The current time, last sunrise/sunset, inventory status, foot traffic, social trends, pricing–these are all examples of things that can be collected into a mobile app and displayed in context.

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Our revolutionary SDK simplifies the development of Vision AI


Developers select or upload a 3d model of the physical object


Sundial runs proprietary synthetic data generation and trains Vision AI model


Our SDK generates code for easy integration

See the world.
Build apps that interact with the physical world: identifying objects, connecting them to the internet, and enabling others to create value from those connections.
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